What Is Political Tale?

POLITICAL TALE is the finest in political storytelling. Yes, it’s a storytelling show about politics, the political system, personal encounters with the Red State/Blue State madness, and the current messed-up state of our world.

POLITICAL TALE made its debut at Union Hall in Brooklyn right as the primaries kicked into high gear and election frenzy began to heat up. It’s only gotten hotter.

Why does politics matter? How does it affect us? Who invented bunting?  These questions and more are answer at this enthralling event that reflects how politics really screws with each and every one of us; as told through personalized stories.

POLITICAL TALE is not a traditional yuck-yuck political stand-up show filled with Trump jokes – but the first storytelling show in New York to focus on unimaginable encounters with the political world.

POLITICAL TALE is produced by Jeff Kreisler (Bill Hicks Spirit Award for Thought-Provoking Comedy, bestselling author of Get Rich Cheating, regular on MSNBC, CNN & FoxNews, political speechwriter) and Harmon Leon (award-winning journalist, author, comedian, Vice contributor, infiltrator, and guy on a sketch show with OJ Simpson) and regular has 4 additional high profile and diverse storytellers from the worlds of politics, media, comedy, art, science, and more.

How does politics actually impact our lives? How does it change the trajectory of our destiny? Why does it make us laugh?

Find out at… POLITICAL TALE.

“On a daily basis America always seems to be in a fight with someone or something. That high tension sometimes leads people to not say anything at all.  Political Tale gives storytellers the opportunity to say or tell a story they may not otherwise tell on stage. Political Tale is adding a little brevity to a very intense part of our culture in the United States. … This show is truly for anyone that has any political interest on any level. The best thing about Political Tale is you really don’t know what you’re going to hear. Each story told, hit home for the audience in one way or another.” – NY Theatre Guide


Contact Jeff or Harmon for more info.

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